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Molded Filter Element, 5.875 OD, 3.625 ID, 4 Overall Height, 35 Pleats (Fins)


Part Number: F81-17122

Outside Diameter: 5.875

Inside Diameter: 3.625

Overall Height: 4

End Cap Style: Molded

Media: Polyester Felt

Number of Pleats: 35

Filter Surface Area: 1.46

Support Core: Galvanized Inside Mesh, 22 Gauge

Availability: 2 Weeks

Place of Origin: Montreal, Qc, Canada

Product Number F81-17122 is a compatible replacement for:

Manufacturer Part Number
Dynamic ME-706K5
Keltec KS50-007
Shawndra Sparks 321-1663K5
Sunshine 20157K5
Fab-Tex 1663M